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Tina is responsible for small mammal medicine in our practice (rabbits, guinea pigs and small rodents), as well as general medicine consultations and soft tissue surgery for dogs and cats.

Tina was born in Luxembourg and finished her studies at the Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen in 2014, starting work shortly thereafter at the animal hospital Déiereklinik Krakelshaff in Bettemburg. During her eight years at the clinic, Tina perfected her experience in general medicine, radiology, internal medicine, general surgery and emergency medicine. Further training in soft tissue surgery at Improv International developed her interest for small mammal medicine, and she has since continued to improve her skills in this field through numerous further trainings.

In 2022, Tina co-founded Déierepraxis yourVets S.A.R.L, and is looking forward to greeting you and your pet.

Tina speaks Luxembourgish, German, French, and English.

Education and further qualifications:


Surgery of the ear and jaw structures in guinea pigs and rabbits, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2023

Common topis of ophtalmology in small mammels, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2022

Common topics of dermatology in small mammels, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2022

Small mammels webinars with Diana Ruf, Germany - 2021/2022

Ultrasound diagnostics of small mammals, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2020

Small mammals/rodents dentistery for advanced students, Fahrenkrug Vetdent, Böhmer, Germany - 2019

Endoscopy of small animals, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2018

Small mammal medicine, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2018

London Vet Show, London - 2017

Anaesthesia management for rabbits and guinea pigs, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2016

Small mammal diagnostics in dental cases for rabbits and guinea pigs and surgery, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2016

Soft-tissue surgery, Improve International, Germany - 2015/2016

Rabbits, rodents and exotic pets in the practice, Eickemeyer - 2015

Small mammal laboratory diagnostics, Eickemeyer, Germany - 2015

Vet France congress, Paris - 2014

Master in veterinary medicine, Justus-Liebig-University - Gießen, 2014

Other relevant qualifications:

Dog education consultant, 2012

Founder of the dogschool Hond-sinn, 2014

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