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We are happy to welcome Linda as a part of our team from February 2024. She will take care of general consultations, routine soft tissue surgery and feline medicine.

Linda was born in Germany, and qualified from the Leipzig Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Germany, in 2015. After her studies, she spent more then two years working at the veterinary hospital Tierklinik Elmer-Kornberg-Schanen, where she was able to put her theoretical knowledge to clinical use and gain further experience in the fields of soft tissue surgery, diagnostic imaging, general and emergency medicine.

During the next 5 years, Linda worked at the veterinary practice Tierarztpraxis Yvonne Werncke in Trier. It was here that she first discovered her particular interest in the cat as a veterinary patient. During this time, she was also able to visit a practice specialized in feline medicine, and has since then been devoted to further her knowledge in this field.

In 2023, Linda moved to Luxembourg, where she has been working at the Déierepraxis Mëllerdall for one year.

Now, she is looking forward to welcome you and your pet in our practice.


Linda speaks German, as well as basic French, English and Luxembourgish.


Education and further qualifications:

Clinical day "Hofheimer Tierärztetag" – 2023
"Kölner Thementage" – The feline patient, pain management – 2023
Weight management for the feline patient, Dechra – 2022
Pet Vet Small animals; Soft tissue surgery – 2022
Pet Vet Small animals; Anaesthesia and Analgesia - 2021
Dermatology days in Bingen am Rhein – 2020
Open House day in Hackenheim; Surgical and internal medicine cases – 2019
German Veterinary Congress in Köln – 2019
Clinical day "Hofheimer Tierärztetag" – 2019
Update Seminar in Radiology and Radioprotection – 2019
New and updated knowledge in hematology for dogs and cats, IDEXX – 2019
Pet Vet in Baden-Baden – 2018
Therapy of atopic dermatitis in the dog using Cytopoint – 2018
Laboratory knowledge: Proteinuria, CRP and SDMA, IDEXX – 2018
Clinical day "Hofheimer Tierärztetag" – 2018
Seminar „ Around and about the heart“, Ceva in Spießen-Elversberg – 2017
Seminar „The dog as a patient, case presentations", Laboklin in Birkenfeld – 2017
Differential diagnostics and therapy in internal medicine, Module 2, Eickemeyer – 2017
Small animal soft tissue surgery, Abdomen 1, Eickemeyer – 2016
Seminar „ Morbus Addison“ -2016

Masters in Veterinary medicine, Leipzig Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - 2015

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